Constantinos VALAES




Constantinos Valaes was born in Athens, Greece in 1957.
He studied hagiography and painting with professors at the School of Fine Arts.
His restless artistic spirit led him to continue his training by obtaining a state diploma in goldsmithing and metal sculpture.
The artist is a member of the prestigious Chamber of Fine Arts and has been honored with a Gold Medal from UNESCO Arts, Literature & Science of Greece for his contribution to art, in which he was vice- president and head of public relations. For two years he was also curator of the 'Folklore Museum of "Finiki" in Epirus.
His works have been presented in several solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and are exhibited in private collections and public spaces around the world.
Using bronze, silver and gold, he manages to create unique sculptures inspired by the ancient Greek belief that the olive tree is an invaluable gift to mankind. Symbol of peace, prosperity, protection and fertility. Divine gift. Tree of good connected to rebirth and light. Symbol of victory, immortality, euphoria, preservation and life. Symbol of athletics, culture and environment.
The Greeks were the first to cultivate olive trees for their precious goods which are olives and oil. The olive tree that harmoniously meets the Greek landscape and the personality of the citizens, carved in the Mediterranean sun and the Aegean winds, has always been an endless inspiration to the Greek spirit and soul.
Homer called olive oil "golden liquid" and Hippocrates "great healer". Most important, however, is the fact that the olive tree grew and nurtured countless generations of Greeks, earning its place as an integral part of Greek civilization.