Charles Fazzino



Serigraphy 3D

For over 30 years Charles Fazzino has charmed us by his representation in relief of a colourful, playful and sparkling universe.
This New-Yorker, creator of 3D Pop Art, cast at first an amused eye over his city, painting with a myriad of details and a style of his own its boroughs, inhabitants, taxis, frantic life...
As the years went by he got interested in other American cities, then European or Japanese. Sport, cinema, medicine are also among his favourites. His works come after several sketches. They then give birth to paintings and those in turn to serigraphs manually cut out and glued superimposed.
Charles Fazzino's works are exhibited in a hundred or so museums and galleries and over 20 countries. He has been given numerous private and institutional commissions and was selected as the official artist at festivals and special events like the Super Bowl or, more recently, the London Olympics.
Charles Fazzino is often considered as a cultural historian on account of the extent of his work but also of his ability to capture his collectors' best snapshots. His legacy will leave its mark on the next generation, just like other pop artists before him, like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Red Grooms and Robert Rauschenberg, still considered as the pioneers and whose path he has successfully followed.
Being very keen on the American culture of sponsorship and mutual aid, Fazzino also supports through his art numerous medical and social issues, both in his country and throughout the world. Charles Fazzino, the founder of 3D Pop Art movement at the end of the seventies, was born in 1955 in New York and he still lives and works there.