Calman Shemi







Calman SHEMI was born in Argentina in 1939 and moved to Israel in 1961 where he is nowadays considered as one of the most prominent Israeli artists.
He studied in Mendosa Argentina. In 1977 he invents his first "Soft Paintings", using different materials like wool, felt or other natural fibers which he turns into shining lyrical highlights. Then he creates his famous "Window Paintings".
He first paints a panel in a box then makes and decorates a frame, gold-plated and covered with several layers of lacquer, thus giving it a stunning depth called "window". That special technique contrasts the level of the painting with the depth of the framework.
As for the "Lacquer Paintings" Calman Shemi has developed a technique of his own in the way he uses his palette of colours. He paints with special colours and applies them on wooden or metal panels that have been gold or silver-layered.
When the paint has thoroughly dried, it is covered with several layers of lacquer. In between each of them, it is hand polished in order to give it this shining aspect and transparent depth. Calman Shemi has thus revived the ancient technique used in Japan and China many centuries ago.
He has had exhibitions all over the world : Israel, France, Singapore, Nigeria, Australia, Japan, Canada, Spain, Germany, USA and more.
His works can be seen at the Spertus Museum of Judaica, At The Fashion Institute of Chicago and at the Citibank of New York.