Fernando Agostinho



Glass Sculptures

He was born in Portugal in 1959 in a family of glass makers.
Early in his youth they settle down in France. From 1980 he works for 5 years at the glassworks in Vianne (Lot et Garonne).
In 1985 he meets Alain Guillot, an old student of his father's, with whom he works for two years in order to complete his training. In 1987 he opens his own workshop in Tarn et Garonne.
In 1993 having both time and experience he decides to dedicate himself to the making of original pieces, leaving the status of craftsman and hoping to be recognized as a skilled artist in glass.
At the beginning of the nineties he creates flasks in the shape of buildings in which you can see characters with bulging eyes, funny-looking buses, TV sets and more recently "crazy cows".
To-day Fernando, nicknamed "Ago" is a recognized Artist who supervises various training courses and exhibits in numerous galleries in France and abroad.