Born in 1959 in Brussels, Chantal De Sutter flourished in this world of art when she met Robert De Sutter, who would become her husband.
She creates with him a lost wax foundry where they will make bronzes for many artists.
There was only one small step left to take to work on their artistic creations.
Chantal has explored very different worlds letting her imagination flow towards childhood but also towards women and their femininity. Her work was so successful that the artist was unable to continue her work as a founder and after 20 years oscillating between foundry and workshop, Chantal has devoted herself exclusively to her artistic creations. Present in the largest galleries, the artist enjoys a good notoriety.
Production borrows from feminine sensibility and blatant of authenticity.
In the fashion world, she expresses herself through this robust material that is bronze, raw or painted, for her feminine creations, elegant and slender, dressed or naked but always with great modesty.