Influenced from an early age by American hyperrealists, including an exhibition of Chuck Close in New York which turned my work upside down, for years I perfected my technique of representation either by destructuring the canvas, or by schematizing it graphic way or by painting colored bands, so as to confer a rhythm-mic in the reading of the works, like a priesthood because beyond a representation photographic, it is above all the feeling and the sensation of plenitude that such work provides which is the very essence of my work.
I approach different themes, working on emotion in order to immerse myself in the subject and faithfully transcribe this reality.
It is a work of reflection and composition because elements drawn from my own photographs.
The image, recomposed, cut out, is reframed in such a way as to balance the whole.
Total involvement in this art requires passion and self-sacrifice because the difficulty lies in the renewal and the effort of absolute concentration that this devouring activity required.