Mix Media

Lyonnais by adoption, Patrice ALMODOVAR is an artist-painter born in 1968. He cultivates a taste and a practice of art from a very young age with a passage of 4 years at the School of Fine Arts in Rouen then higher education, he performs managerial functions without abandoning art. Artistic practice has always been his point of safeguard and balance. It was in the early 2000s that he started painting.
At first, he works on colorful portraits, and touches on several artistic styles. He will be driven by the search for a more communicative expression in his art and will slide towards a more personal painting.
Today, the artist's vocation is freedom. His works are at the crossroads of the Impressionist, Street Art and Pop Art artistic heritage. In 2018, he created his own workshop and exploits his "freedom" of expression by mixing styles.
In his studio, he shapes his technique, the colors and his different styles by bringing them together on the same canvas to share his emotions and thoughts... sometimes rebellious and spontaneous, like a child playing in the sandbox of life.
For him, “art is a look translated through a free temperament”. It transmits an offbeat and raw vision of the subjects of our society and plays with the emotions of our past or human conditions.
Patrice ALMODOVAR likes to say, when his creations are finished, they no longer belong to him… they are the property of others' eyes.