Born in January 1991, David DJIAN grew up in the south of France. It’s in this light-filled place that David becomes passionate about art. He developed his taste for drawing and painting, in particular at the Bô workshop where he learned the different techniques applied to art: charcoal, pencil, Indian ink, and acrylic.
In 2010, he left his native region, the French Riviera, to settle in Paris and began studying at Penninghen, a school of interior architecture, design & graphic art.
A year later, convinced that the future of the architectural profession must integrate current ecological issues, David evolves towards an eco-responsible architecture. He designs houses with natural and renewable materials while preserving biodiversity and local resources. He won his first student competition at the Ecole Spéciale of Architecture in Paris in 2015 and carried out with their workshop his first project composed exclusively of bamboo in Mancora, in the north of Peru.
He is one of the best graduates of the Ecole Spéciale of Architecture in 2017 and realizes a manifesto project built from recovered wooden pallets, decomposed and then re-composed by offering a unique experience in the desert of Negev: "One night experience", an eco-village called "Desert-days" built in the southern desert ofNeguev at the border of Jordan.
In 2019, it is in Nice that David decides to settle down in order to devote himself fully to his first passion: painting. He discovers, by serendipity, a singular identity inspiring him to produce the series: "Just a touch of love".

In 2021 , he's a complete architect and focus on ecological concept. and on his work as an artist, still looking for a new way to create an deeper portrait.