Léa Poncharal




Originally from South of France, Léa Poncharal grew up with colored pencils and brushes, thanks to her grandfather who passed on his passion to her.
She asserts herself with large portraits of famous figures: Lenny Kravitz, Tiger
Woods, Al Pacino, or even Dali, which she uses in the plural and deals with large brushstrokes capturing the strength of expressions. Sometimes, she stages like the boxer Mohamed Ali ready to do battle or Daniel Craig, alias James Bond, in the middle of women, cars and billboards, taking care of both substance and form. Collages and touches enhance the subjects. She continues by "stripping" the bodies
and "waltz" with the colors of acrylic by representing dancers: "I love the beauty of bodies in movement".
This discipline raises them, stretches them, sculpts them. These dancers take a new place in his Dance with pop series. The transparency of plexiglass, the inlay of small objects and the use of resin resolutely serve her style, which she continues to develop with new themes such as childhood, social networks or violence, often treated with poetry.
Helped by technology, Lea seems to have found her way. For her latest works, she draws the shape, vectorizes the image using software, then has it cut out in 3mm plexiglass or in 3D.
She then glues various objects: stickers in bright colors, silk balls, pearls, 24 Karat gold leaves or even natural preserved butterflies. She then finalizes with resin. Her dream ? continue to develop this technique and devote all her life to creation, keeping his eyes as a child.