Captain Co



Mix Media

Originally from Alsace, his artistic studies led him to Strasbourg, Lille, Lyon and finally Paris. Graduate in conservation – restoration of works of art, it was during his training that
he studied the oil paint copy and thus began his love of practice.

His personal production is guided by the acrylic paint and the charcoal drawing.
His painting is constantly evolving but led by a strong interest in contrast in the broad sense; shadow and light, precision and energy, calm and storm. This duality is applied on his canvases using different tools but mainly the brush.

His artistic career began under the influence of pop art but very quickly turned to figurative art and academic/classical art. He strives to capture the attention of the spectator through his contemporary interpretation of certain timeless works of the great masters of the History of Art. Pop art subjects and women’s portraits are now produced on an ad hoc basis, for a specific artistic exercise or research.
This young painter needs his brushes as much as he needs to breathe. He cannot spend a day without an ongoing project. It is this constant thirst for progress and expression that
feeds his technique and evolution.