Ipso facto




Born in Niort in 1972, Ipso facto, painter and artist is installed in the Toulouse region. He followed a complete formation on the trades of art of the wood and the furniture of old art whose courses of History of the art and drawing gave him taste to the painting. He evolves in this creative environment for years. In the 1990s he began to exhibit his first paintings on canvas in the hyperrealism, inspired by Flemish landscapes of the seventeenth century. Over the years, his work is changing and tends towards techniques and inspirations that have known and continue to evolve. Street Art and Pop Art are at the source of this creative revival but his personal and detailed touch makes him stand out from a more classic work. Indeed, he was able to use the techniques acquired during his training and his professional experience where he has fully flourished (sculpture, cutting marquetry, finishing methods). The artist is always looking for innovation, this desire to shape, to work differently and closer to the material and volume, led to the creation of different and more elaborate works. Color remains an integral part of his work, he likes to play with it and the material and give free rein to his imagination ....