Moshe Rosentalis




Works on paper

Moshe ROSENTALIS 1922 - 2008
He is  a troubadour who sings of the earth, the sea and women. A visionary who readily reveals reality in its timelessness and intimacy. More simply a creator whose brush sketches with ease and talent the recovered essence of human beings in the world.
He was born in 1922 in the Lithuanian city of Mariampol and trained in prestigious universities like Kaunas and especially Vilna.
Then Rosentalis soon becomes one of the Russian masters of social realism. Yet as soon as the fifties he deliberately breaks away from an art praised and commissioned by the authorities there and then.
In 1958 he settles down in Israel and dazzled, he discovers a land bathed in light and spirituality. A land of traditions with important artistic movements (New Horizons, Lyrical Abstracts, The Parisian Group...) that make him aware of contemporary abstract art.
Being close to the greatest (Zaritszky, Steimatzky, Streichman, Mairovich...) and fascinated by the most famous (Braque, Matisse, Klee, Kandinsky) he breaks away from a pictorial art devoid of imagination and gives vent to a creativity long shut in academic subject-matters and circumstances.
That breaking off enables him to embark on a new and exciting adventure : painting to express what he sees and deeply feels. It is a genuine rebirth, exemplified since then and to this day in his numerous oil and acrylic paintings, watercolours, drawings and pieces on paper.
They all reflect a dazzling vision of the essence of things and of the greedy embrace of the real world.  
For all those reasons Rosentalis is a master at the art of expression, of abstraction and still more of creation.